…and so, I begin…

Words.  Words are powerful things.  They can elevate one to acts of heroic measure while simultaneously causing someone else to be swallowed by their own brokenness.  They can cause bursts of laughter or tear-stained cheeks.  By far, though, the greatest thing words do is pull us together.  They reach over time and space, cross international borders and create a path we can all walk down together, sharing experiences, encouraging one another as we journey through life.  A global community, because of words.  This is why I love to write.  This is the very reason I have decided to leave my journal and join the blogging masses.  Maybe I have something to say that will inspire you.  Or maybe I will write an opinionated piece that will make you so incredibly angry that it drives you to seek out a deeper truth.  Maybe my words will simply fill that silence or drown out whatever noise in your life that seems inescapable.  Maybe I will pour out my heart in a moment of sorrow and you, dear reader, will have words to encourage me.

What exactly will I be blogging about?  I am not entirely sure.  I believe the most honest answer would be whatever moves me.  My experience with Aspergers Syndrome, Sensory Perception Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  What on earth do you cook when your child is allergic to gluten, dairy, soy, egg yolks and string beans?   The time when we took in a homeless girl.  My faith and how disappointment in God has made me stronger and deepened my beliefs.  Watching my mom and her battle with Spinal Stenosis.  How to find humor and joy in the most unlikely places.  Container gardening.  Is marijuana really that bad?  Making your marriage work when giving up would be easier.  Being the mom that none of the other moms actually like.  What do moms that DON’T scrapbook or organize actually do with their time (because I don’t scrapbook or organize)?  Having a great relationship with your teenager.  Grief.  How to position your pots and pans so they catch the leaks from your roof without making that annoying ‘ping’ sound.  Tidbits from my journey to becoming a birth doula.  Lets not forget the controversial stuff like homosexuality, not spanking your child, abortion and assisted suicide.  Like I said, whatever moves me.

Last, but perhaps most important, my hope is that the words I share with you will somehow make you stronger, inspire you, put a little brigthness in your day.  Make you feel a little less alone.